Beyond The Classrooms

The Co-curricular clubs give the students at NMS a huge range of opportunities to explore their interests and hone talents. Our multifaceted understanding embraces the concept of a true education, one that realises the full potential of every girl and boy. We encourage all students to explore their individual creative and artistic talents through participating in our extensive clubs.

The Eco club

Environment Conservation Is Our Mission. Focused and energized about taking care of the Earth and helping their community, students are armed with a mission to protect and conserve the Earth's resources. The students carry the message of sustainability to everyone. After all environmental education creates awareness.

The Cyber Club

Keeps the members abreast with programming, web designing and animation.

The Literary Club

Gives the young budding, creative geniuses a platform to weave magic with words, communicate clearly and confidently and express with words their innermost thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

The Creative Club

An inner vision and zeal forms the foundation of this club where the enthusiasts give wings and shape to their imagination and dreams.

The Yoga Club

Is an amalgamation of awareness for the breath, mind, body and diet..

The Vocal Music Club

Poetry woven into music, formed into melodies is enjoyed here, where students explore their hidden talents.

Orators Club

India's largest institution that trains children for international courses in Elocution and Speech & Drama, aims to help students engage in Elocution activities, expand their abilities in Public Speaking, and overcome Stage Consciousness. The focus of this program is on Language Development and Creativity. The activities go beyond a 'one-time performance' targeted at an audience; the curriculum has carefully planned sequences of drama games, role-plays, mime, speeches, and diction exercises through projects on storytelling, news reading, word games and interviews. This course gives the students the unique opportunity to participate in examinations that are held after completing the training. Certificates for these examinations are globally recognized.

Robinhood club

Helping Hand