We believe that a meaningful education is necessary to make them future ready. School has a clear motto that keeps us driving towards excellence - "Children today, leaders tomorrow". We put our best efforts and provide the best opportunities to our students to utilize their full potential in pursuing what they desire While your child is growing up, their interests fluctuate leading to a career choice that cannot be predicted beforehand. Therefore, they must be mentally prepared to take the right direction. A great deal of focus is laid on improving the critical thinking and problem solving skills of the students
Arise, Assimilate, Aim ,Attitude & Achieve...........for High...Higher...Still Higher

  • The school provides a comprehensive academic curriculum supported by a system of instruction that encourages children to be logical, analytical, creative & communicative.

  • Affiliated to RBSE.

  • Well planned and managed curriculum based on RBSE.

  • Outstanding performance in RBSE displayed and other competitive/entrance examinations.

  • An exceptionally high number of distinctions.

  • Our students are well-placed in prestigious premier Institutes of higher learning such as IITs, NITs, NIFT, Law Colleges through CLAT exams, selections through AIEEE and find placement in Indian universities of great repute.

  • To distribute the study time evenly over the year, the school has devised a detailed module split up of the syllabus.

  • Zero Periods, Stay back classes and remedial teaching classes are organized for students requiring special attention.

  • Two Pre- Boards examination are conducted for X and XII.

  • Weekly test are held in all subjects for all classes according to the schedule.

  • Grades are given in different areas of learning in Art Education, Health and Physical Education and Social Service Plan.

  • Teacher enhance their teaching style to enable students in grasping everything without failure.

  • Focus is laid on improving the critical thinking and problem solving skills of the students.

  • We also concentrate on the communication skills because even a great knowledge is worthless if you cannot express your thoughts.