MSS believes that the community reach out programme helps to promote the integration between our students and the local community in Jodhpur. We believe that the education should bring about holistic development of the children including awareness about the community and the environment. We encourage them to take responsibility in this regard. We have several activities related to social networking, functional integration and community service. Our programme is designed so as to transform our students into responsible and caring Global Citizens.

    Our Objectives:

  1. To create awareness about the environment.
  2. To understand the local culture.
  3. To interact and exchange culture and tradition with the local community.
  4. To become conscious and help the underprivileged people around us.


    Some of the activities listed under our school’s community reach out programme are-:

  1. Students exchange programme in collaboration with other school.
  2. Visit and entertain people at places like old age homes
  3. Celebrating Racial Harmony day at other schools.